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"Small Market Station looking for a new control room.
    Must include full automation system and be priced for a small budget"
Production Studios
Does this sound like a want ad you would write?

Then STUDIO A might be perfect for your station. We can even include the lowest cost, FCC Approved EAS/ CAP system.

Check Out STUDIO A by clicking on the logo.
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News-Talk Studios
Net Streaming Studio
Perfect Home Studio
SMOOTH OPERATOR Studio Only is your best choice if you operate a station that runs mostly on computer and you have a tight budget. Why? Because SMOOTH OPERATOR Studio Only version is really two studios in one. It contains a second computer with the NCH Recording, Editing, Rip & Burn Software Suite. You can do all of your production work on the AUDITION CHANNEL on the board while the PROGRAM CHANNEL remains ON THE AIR! Click on the logo above for a PDF with all the details and pricing.
 Designed for the station that is “kickin' it” old school and using talent LIVE on the air all day long. Don't worry, a complete automation system is included for those days when the talent can't be there. In fact, with SpartaMation Automation, your station can sound LIVE when no one is in the building.
 "Live" Radio goes all the way with this ultimate studio package. While a complete SpartaMation automation system is included, this studio is designed for the "Morning Team" or bring in several live guests. Whatever you do, the MidTown Studio is the one for you.
The new MALIBU Premium Broadcast On Air Studio is our top of the line premium studio choice. Why? Because The Malibu Studio offers more value for your investment. Take for example the very user friendly BLUETOOTH capable audio console. Connect any bluetooth device like your cell phone or tablet. Audio is full stereo and the fidelity is awesome. This studio has a full FM Modulation Monitor as an off air monitor solution. With multiple pushbutton check on the competition at any time. The 360 systems "Instant Replay" gives you instant audio playback. Click on the logo above for a PDF with all the details and pricing.
If you don't order an
EBS Studio Kit, you
might get "something else."